Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Steampunk Medal

I just finished this steamy medal yesterday, a fun and easy little project that will only cost you maybe a hours worth of time.

I used this quite good tutorial by Viscountess Katherine O’Brien and just used things I had around the house.

I like the result and can't wait to wear it.

Give it a go yourself!
Steampunk medal tutorial

Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Belated International Steampunk Day

Belated happy steampunk day everyone.

Here is what I wore

Monday, 31 May 2010

Victorian Mourning doll

Victorian mourning art has always fascinated me, but I have first now tried my hands on the subject.

So my first piece inspired by the Victoria mourning theme was this mourning doll, but believe me, I will be making more items inspired by this particular theme.

I started by making a cloth doll, that I first painted, then created hair using embroidery thread and last clothed using mainly lace decorated with red beads.

She is being sent out to her new owner tomorrow and I hope she will like her, as much as I did making her.

The last picture is of a small piece of momento mori, inspired by a traditional Victorian headstone motive, that I have added to the package, which the doll is being mailed in.

Monday, 26 April 2010

Steamy Wristcuff

Last night, after looking at an old zipper, I decided to make one of those steamy wrist cuffs I have seen around the ethernet.
So I dug up some vintage cotton lace I had in the fabric closet and tea dyed it with a strong batch of black tea and ended up with a great antique looking lace.

Combining the two thing resulted in a cute, simple up-cycled wrist cuff.
I have seen these in many version and most of the time I think they end up looking to heavy and crowded with embellishments, but they are dead easy to make, so making my own was the best solution.

I think I will be wearing this cuff a lot.

Sunday, 21 February 2010

Steamy legwarmers

What steam loving woman wouldn't adore a nice pair of spats?
I know I would!

But the thing is I rarely wear high heels, so wearing spats would not make much sense, as the straps would die after very short time of use.
So I have made myself a pair of steamy legwarmers instead, as these can be used with both high heels and no heels.

I based the pattern on this tutorial and made them in thick black wool and mix match vintage brass buttons from my button stash (I love buttons)

I have gotten quite a few compliments on these and they are warm and cosy and looks great even without boots.